Just in time for the holidays…

Forever Detective

The entire Forever Detective Series, plus its short-story collection spinoff,”W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever”are all now on sale ine-book formfor just $2.99(US Dollars)eachfrom now until December 26th!!!


That’s right you can get ALL 5 e-books for less than $15.00(US Dollars)just in time for the holiday season!

Amazon: Amazon.com: Helen Krummenacker: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Barnes and Noble: Helen Krummenacker, NOOK | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Kobo: Forever Detective Books Rakuten Kobo

Apple Books: Helen Krummenacker on Apple Books

Smashwords: Smashwords – The Forever Detective

E-books make great gifts for the holidays. You can even schedule when the book arrives to the recipient, such as during Hannukah, birthday, Christmas Eve, and of course Christmas day itself.And if you have someone on your list who prefers good old fashioned paperback books, we have those too at theAmazonandBarnes and Noblelinks above.

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