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Until recently, I’ve always done all my audio recording at my home studio. But I needed some professional demo recordings which brought me to Reeds Recording and the awesome Adam who was the recording technician that day.

Now, what brought all this about? 

Well even though I’ve already recorded 4 audiobooks on Audible, I have never done voice work for commercials or documentaries and such. And for those, I needed to learn some new skills and techniques, as well as a better understanding of what the industry is looking for in voice over talents. So, I got myself some professional voice over training through “Such A Voice”, who paired me up my coaches Ed Renninger, Justine Reiss, my director Nancy Wilson, and my tech advisor Ben Marney. These people made a such a difference in how I do voice work now, and I cannot thank them all enough.

Where do I go from here? Well, one step at a time. First I’m going to be putting up a web page and loading my demos, as well as some samples from the audiobooks and my unabridged reading of “A Christmas Carol” which is already here on YouTube.

Then we’ll see what happens next. 

*NOTE: This review covers the audiobook version (which is unabridged), so there will be references to the performance by the voiceover actor Marc Thompson)

As a big fan of the Star Wars animated series “Rebels”, I was always fascinated by the character of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was clearly one of the most formidable opponents I’d ever seen on any show (with the exception of Naraku from the anime “Inuyasha”). Thrawn was extremely intelligent, cunning, effective, a really knew how to analyze a situation and who his opponents in order to anticipate most of their possible moves. I often had the impression that if you tried playing chess with him, he’d figure out all your possible moves and how quickly to win the game when you were still trying to figure out which of your pieces you’d finally decided to move first. And I always wanted to know much more about him and what made him so damn impressive.

Well, this book answered most of my questions and brought the character more to life for me than ever. In particular, I was both surprised and impressed to learn that the character was actually was capable of becoming a genuine friend to someone. In this case, it was a simple ensign named Eli Vanto, a human who comes from a simple background and who’s highest hopes and ambition was to make it to a supply officer on a starship. 

The author does a really great job of creating a sort of Holmes and Watson relationship between Thrawn and Eli. As with the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Eli can find Thrawn manner and behavior quite frustrating and infuriating at times, even after he’s given a logical easy to follow explanation for his friend’s attitude and way of doing things. Yet as the story progresses, we get to see how Thrawn is actually teaching and showing Eli a new way of looking at situations and how to approach them. We actually watch Eli develop his own skills to the point that he begins to find himself being placed in positions far beyond anything he ever dreamed possible.

And while this friendship is a wonder to watch unfold, we are also given a deeper look inside another character from the Star Wars “Rebels” series, Governor Arihnda Pryce. We get so learn more of her background and motives for joining the Empire and growing aspirations for power. We also learn how her and Thrawn’s paths crossed and how each wound up assisting the other’s rise within the Empire.

In addition to complimenting Mr. Zahn’s efforts in creating this fascinating narrative, I also want to offer praise to Marc Thompson, for his wonderful vocal performance in bringing life to all the characters who appear in this tale. Including a number of very familiar voices such as Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine, Colonel Yularen, and so many others. 

Can’t wait to dive into the second book in this series. I highly recommend this to fans of Star Wars and especially the “Rebels” series, since Disney and Star Wars have announced that Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to be appearing as the main antagonist of the upcoming “Ahsoka” live action series.

Words of wisdom about “Rights and Copyright…” from my friend Aurora Jean Alexander author of the “Council of Twelve Series” (which is available at Amazon and other online bookstores)…

Writer's Treasure Chest

Copyright, literally, is “the right to copy.” It guarantees the authors of creative works–including books,  artworks, films, recordings, and photographs–the exclusive right to allow others to copy and distribute the work, by whatever means and in whatever media currently exist. It also prohibits copying and distributing without the author’s permission, and includes moral rights: the right of attribution (the right to be named as the creator of the work) and the right of integrity (the right to control changes to the work).

In countries that are signatory to theBerne Convention,, the international source for copyright law (including the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, and many other countries), you own copyright, automatically, as soon your work is fixed in tangible form–i.e., the minute you write the words. Your ownership extends beyond your death–between 50 and 70 years, depending on which country you’re in.

Contained withincopyrightis the…

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Well, I finally had the Ablations done on my Sacroiliac joint. It’s been 3 days since the procedure actually took place, and I still have a fair amount of pain to contend with. I’m not too worried at this point. since I was told that it could take up to 10 days to really feel any serious change thanks to the procedure. However, a small part of me is worried that my pain will not disappear by then, and that the discomfort which has been my constant companion for the last 2-3 years, will still be there. But, I’m going to give it time first, and then decide whether I should celebrate or cry when the 10 days are up.

However, that’s not what I really want to dwell on today. What I really want to talk about is what I went through leading up to and at the doctor’s office where the procedure took place. Now, I want to tell you all right off the bat, that EVERY person there was amazing and sweet to me, which helped a lot. 

You see, in the days leading up to the procedure I found myself ever so slightly nervous about what was to come. 

There was an understandable mixture of hope and fear deep about the procedure, which was extremely hard to just ignore. On top of that, I live on the west coast in California, where we’ve been having a weekly series of atmospheric rivers hitting us. And the coming week of my procedure was no exception. Now most of the storms that have hit us tended arrive on Mondays (which was also the scheduled day for my Ablations). Luckily, this one arrived the day after my procedure (phew). 

My wife Helen’s mother came to stay with us to act as my driver, since Helen doesn’t drive for health reasons. The doctor’s office had given me strict instructions to have someone else drive me to and from the facility where my procedure was to take place.  They warned me I’d be in no shape to handle even a short drive, and they weren’t kidding. I was barely able to get up out of the wheelchair and into my mother-in-law’s car down in the parking garage. Oh, did I mention the distance from my place to the doctor’s office was a good 30-45 minute drive up and over a mountain range? So I was really grateful for my mother-in-law being on hand to act as my driver.  

We got up at 5:30 in the morning and were on the road about a half hour later. The drive was a bit on the quiet side, partly because it was a bit dark out and we were on some very twisting and hilly roads. And of course, I was lost in thought inside my head about how things would unfold.

Well, we got to the facility (on time) and I went in alone (since they didn’t allow me to have someone waiting in the office lobby due to Covid concerns). I was taken in pretty quickly and settled onto a gurney to wait for them to prep the room where the procedure would take place. There was another lady who was scheduled ahead of me due to her having arrived a little late for her own appt. Luckily, the staff took good care of me in the meantime and kept me comfortable.

Eventually it came to be my turn to go into the treatment room. 

This wasn’t my first time being wheeled on a gurney, but watching the light fixtures passing overhead, I kept thinking ‘It’s finally going to happen. Hope I’m ready for this…’ You see, I had opted for just local anesthesia instead of being lightly sedated, because they needed me to be awake to an extent for the procedure. I hadn’t liked the idea of being fully sedated for the procedure (I hadn’t realized they had been planning on having me lightly sedated instead). I could’ve changed my mind there and then they told me, but I chose to stick with just local anesthesia. I wanted to experience the whole process so I could really give good feedback, and also I was mentally taking notes of everything that happened. I say this because, I was already thinking about using this experience and giving it to a character (not that I had one in mind yet) to use in a story one day down the road. 

You see, I believe in the concept of drawing upon actual life experiences for my writing. And it seems I do it all the time. Every so often I’ll find myself subconsciously taking notes about a place I’m going, what I’m seeing, how it makes me feel, and quietly filing all that input away into a kind of cabinet in my mind. I’ve done it while walking along a beach, going to a mall, being out to dinner, visiting with friends, you name it. However, since this was more of a big deal for me, I wanted to be more active in my mental note-taking. 

Mind you, aside from a few moments of discomfort, the whole thing went quite smoothly. I even managed to have a little fun with the staff by making a few jokes. Now for those who are not familiar with ablations, this a process where certain nerve endings are ‘burned’ so they no longer catch signals like being in constant pain in my case. I know this may sound a bit drastic, but the pain had become quite debilitating, and the source of the pain was not a serious condition that needed rectifying itself. It was simply a case of pain management but cutting off that signal to allow me to have better quality of life. (I’m probably over-simplifying things here, but this is a common procedure when the source of the pain is not something life-threatening and the pain affects quality of life). So with the term ‘burning’ already being bandied about in the room my brain was already at work. At one point they had to clean the area of my back where the needles were to be inserted, and I casually remarked, “Ah, applying the barbecue sauce? Extra spicey I hope?” Everyone cracked up at that. I made other jokes, throughout to reassure everyone I was doing okay.

Although, after all was said and done, I mentally kicked myself for not pulling out my Bugs Bunny voice and saying, “Ahhh… what’s cookin’ Doc?” (sigh) Oh well. Maybe it’ll come in handy for another occasion (as I may need to have more ablations done down the road, time will tell).

And yes, my cracking jokes and the staff’s reactions were another of those things that I filed in that cabinet in my mind, for possible use in a story one day. But that’s what I do as an author. I’m sure others do something similar, or find other pools of inspiration to draw from, and that’s okay too. The thing to remember is to be aware how you use those inspirations in the story. How do they affect the character, and how will it make the reader feel? We must always keep our audience in mind. 

I have more to share about what happened after the procedure, but I’ll share those experiences and thoughts in the next entry.

Until then, take care and keep writing and recording everyone.

Thought I’d share this little piece of inspiration for all my fellow indie authors today. These really insightful thoughts come from author Kate Brauning, a woman who really knows about publishing and has been a part of it for a long time…

Kate Brauning

As an editor, I truly wish more authors knew it was okay to focus on their strengths. So much craft advice encourages filling in the gaps in our writing skills. Learn how to avoid soggy middles! Craft a brilliant first line! Create dynamic characters, not static ones! And if you know my subtips, you know I am a huge supporter of learning great craft. But a really vibrant skill in one area can outshine an gap elsewhere.

Gaps in our writing skills can be book killers. But these days especially, the market is looking for strengths. What do you do that’s wild and knew and beautiful? Build a book around it. Plot a book around it. Maybe you’re a genius at describing guinea pigs. Lean into that! Plot around it!

If you’re so real and funny and nuanced with dialogue, take it to the max. Concept the book around…

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The Pondering Pug’s Thought of the


What happens when two authors, who are married to each other, get the same type of idea for a short story for their respective book series?

Funny, that this pup should be asking that question, because it happened to Helen and me just recently.

As you all know I created a vampire (or as I call him a ‘vampyre’ since he’s not a true undead being, but more of a science fiction-based blood drinking, shape-shifting, sun avoiding being) named Nathan Steward. For those who aren’t familiar with him here’s a brief synopsis. Nathan was a Union soldier in the Civil War who got blown into a Para-Earth where one of the life forms there fused itself to him, creating a symbiotic bond that allows them to coexist as one. This symbiotic arrangement has also extended Nathan’s life far beyond that of a normal human being, which means he has existed for over 160 years. This has allowed him to see and be a part of a lot of history. 

Then about 2 2 1/2 years ago, Helen created Rafael Jones, star of her “The Forever Detective Series”.  Set in New York City in 1947 and told from Rafael’s point of view, we quickly we learn he was a police officer, who wanted to serve his country during World War II. Unfortunately, because of his police training he was assigned to MP duty, but later became an investigator gathering evidence for the Nuremberg trials. In the first book “Forever’s Too Long” he has come back to NYC and is opening his own private detective business. In his first 2 cases which become one, he learns that supernatural beings do actually exist, in this case in the form of vampires. As the case progresses, he winds up getting killed and turned into a vampire himself. Yet upon rising he has managed to hold onto his humanity and goes after the vampires responsible for his death, who are also going after a close friend of his. 

From there, the series continues with Rafael learning to adjust to his new existence, while keeping his private investigation business going. In his next cases, he encounters more supernatural beings such as ghosts, kelpies, and those gifted with magic such as mediums, witches, wizards, as well as other beings such as ghosts, kelpies, dryads, and many others. 

Recently, she added a spinoff group of books centering around some of these other folk, focusing on some adventures of their own that do not involve Rafael. Some of these tales take place before and during World War II. 

Well so do a number of my stories with Nathan…

So, I recently had been asking myself what kind of story can I come up with for Nathan during World War I? I had recently been listening to podcasts that told stories of the United States getting hit with sabotage for supplying war materials like weapons and ammunition to England, before we actually entered the war. And two of the cases took place in New York and New Jersey, which was where Nathan was working backstage at vaudeville palaces. So he’d be aware of these incidents, and I could get him involved helping the government by catching a ship headed to England. Now this was during the time of submarine warfare which meant I could easily put him in conflict with a German U-boat to save the ship he was traveling on.

Now I knew Helen had been working on a U-boat story set in WWII for a second anthology in her spinoff series “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever”. However, she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get around to finishing the anthology. And since my story took place in WWI, I didn’t think there would be a problem. So, I got the story well under way before telling Helen about it. She thought it sounded interesting, but then pointed out it might be too similar to the story she had been working on. After much discussion she told me to go ahead with mine and she would drop hers. Now I could tell she was disappointed, but since she insisted, I kept working on mine.

But being the diligent little writer that I am, I wanted to see what the interior of a WWI U-boat was like, and boy was I in for a surprise…

As you can see, this barely had enough room for maybe 10 people. And not a lot of places to hide, which was what I needed for some of the plans I had for Nathan’s activities. I had been envisioning the much bigger and more complex U-boats of WWII. I needed a vessel much bigger than this, with a lot more places to hide and lurk between his acts of sabotage. So, what could I use instead?

Then a memory from my childhood came to me…

Zeppelins! I got fascinated with them after seeing a film showing the destruction of the Hindenburg in 1937. But when I read up on them, I discovered they had been used in WWI to bomb England and other countries at a time where they could achieve heights most biplanes couldn’t. Of course, this changed over time as the war dragged on, but for several years, the Zeppelins were the scourge of the night sky, quietly floating over unsuspecting towns and cities. 

They of course could travel over water as well, which meant they could and did occasionally target ships in the waters below.

And after seeing a cut-away diagram like this one…

I knew I had the answer to both our problems. So, I quickly set about reworking the U-boat story I had going and turned it into Nathan ‘haunting’ a Zeppelin instead. Naturally, I informed Helen that the U-boat story was hers, once more, and explained why I changed my mind. I’m pleased to tell you that she was delighted by this turn of events. Especially, as she told me afterwards, she hadn’t really wanted to give up the story she’d had planned because it was such a good one. Which it is! Trust me. But you’ll have to wait for the next anthology book in her series to read it.

And by the same token, you’ll have wait for the next Vampyre Blogs anthology, to read my zeppelin story as well. But it may show up later this year or definitely next year at the latest.

However, I just wanted to share with you what can happen when you have to very creative minds living under the same roof. Sometimes, you both might come up with similar ideas, but there are ways around such situations, to avoid having readers possibly wind up comparing who did a better job on their story.

Researching source material for your setting can make or break a writing project. So make sure you’re diligent, especially if you’re writing about historical events.

Until next time, stay safe and keep writing everyone!

PS: If you enjoyed the Pondering Pug concept, do let us know. We’ll be happy to continue having the pug occasionally show up on the blog with new thoughts and questions to explore. Besides, he is so darn cute!

What a way to start a brand new the year! Helen just got a Kirkus Review of her first novel “Forever’s Too Long”, calling it…

“A tense, thrilling paranormal adventure with a striking cast.”

Here’s the full review:

A supernatural crime novel set in the 1940s focuses on a private detective.

This series opener begins in 1947. The narrator of the story, Rafael Jones, has set up shop as a private investigator in New York City. Rafael has an extensive background in law enforcement (both civilian and military), and he is eager to strike out on his own. No sooner has he put the sign up for Harmony Investigations than he is approached by a British woman named Clara Thomas. Clara has been sent to persuade Rafael to work for Interpol. She is a sharp woman, with a degree in mathematics from Oxford, who knows how to handle herself in a fight. She can also fly a plane. Rafael doesn’t need that much convincing, and he soon learns that working with Clara will be fun. It isn’t long before the two become more than mere colleagues. The duo starts working on a case involving stolen Russian art and other valuables. To complicate matters, a number of bodies seem to be connected to the thefts. Rafael must also cater to an old acquaintance: a wealthy playboy, inventor, and industrialist named Eugene Marshall, who lives and works in the Empire State Building. Eugene is concerned with the recent resignation of two of his employees who have joined a cult known as the Order of Repentance. When Rafael investigates the organization, he runs into much more trouble than he bargained for. Thanks to the infamous Rasputin, Rafael winds up meeting a vampire.

As Krummenacker’s engaging caper unfolds, readers are kept in a regular state of suspense. While it may initially seem as though Clara and Rafael will embark on a quirky investigation together, things take a turn when the Order of Repentance enters the picture. A tale supposedly about a missing Fabergé egg and some flustered shop owners eventually begins heading down an invitingly dark, supernatural avenue. Even a cool customer like Rafael couldn’t have planned for the hurdles he faces. But certain aspects of the story complicate matters without rewarding the audience. For instance, readers are assured that during World War II, Rafael repeatedly requested to be assigned to combat duty. The only reason he was forced to work in a military police capacity was due to his law enforcement background. This is not a particularly exciting or captivating part of his character when bigger problems are just emerging. In addition, the dialogue sometimes relies on such stock phrases as “Where are you going?” and “You’re amazing.” Nevertheless, the tale develops quickly, with the entire story coming in under 200 pages. Not much time is wasted once the main events get going and Rafael and Clara try to stop the bad guys. And even after the gripping novel has concluded, there proves to be plenty of intriguing material left for the sequel.


So there you have it gang. Can’t wait to see what they’ll say about the other 3 books in the series, or the next one “Forever Chosen” which will coming out later this year!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already got your copy of “Forever’s Too Long” it’s available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook form! Just click the link that works for you from the list below:


Amazon Link:

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At the beginning of this year, I made a post listing my plans for this year. And as the end of the year draws closer, let’s take a look at how things went, shall we?

1- Re-work, re-edit, and re-release “The Bridge” in a special 10th Anniversary version.

RESULTS: As of today, this project is just shy of 2/3’s of the way finished. So, it’s well on target for being re-released in 2023. Admittedly, I had hoped to have it completed and ready to release in January 2023, but I’ll settle for getting it out before the coming year is over.

2 – Get a complete 1st draft of “The Vampyre Blogs – Family Ties” which takes up mere weeks after the end of “The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home”.

RESULTS: Well… the first draft is under way, so that’s something. Right? Please tell me I’m right. I’m feeling guilty over here.

3 – Release the first volume of “The Pass” trilogy, which I wrote with my old high school friend Rich Caminiti, with some fantastic illustrations by the talented Gabrielle Callan. We will be releasing this book in hardback (yes, your read that right) and e-book formats.NOTE: This one is a definite. The book is already written Gabrielle just getting the last of the artwork completed along with the cover

RESULTS: (cricket noises) Health and other complications slowed us down on this one. However, we do have a hardback “Proof Copy” that Rich and I have been going over together and finding a number of issues that we are correcting. However, there is no doubt that we will get the first book of the trilogy out in 2023. So, keep an eye out for this new and exciting tale to arrive in the coming months.

4 – Rich and I will be working on the 2nd and 3rd drafts of the second installment of “The Pass” trilogy with hopes of releasing that book in 2023.
*The 1st draft is already completed so we have high hopes of getting this to happen*

RESULTS: (even more cricket noises) Mind you, the 1st draft of the 2nd book is still completed, and we will be working on the 2nd and 3rd drafts as we get the 1st book out in 2023.

5 – Record and release Helen’s 1st solo anthology “Forever W. I. T. C. H. Hunting”, which is actually a spinoff from her Forever Detective Series and will feature characters from that series as well as a few new faces who will be appearing in future installments of The Forever Detective books.

RESULTS: The book itself was released and the actual title is “W. I. T. C. H. Hunters Forever”.  As far as the audiobook goes, I’ve recorded 2-3 of the stories, but I still have a ways to go on the others.  But, an audiobook version will be coming in 2023 (hopefully by May if not sooner). We’ll see what happens.

6 – I hope to begin recording “The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home” with the help of Helen to bring more variety of voices for your listening pleasure.

RESULTS: I have actually gotten several entries recorded already, but I still have a long ways to go before it will be finished. But 2023 will hopefully see the audiobook come to life by September, just in time for the Halloween season. 

7 – We may start adding some podcasts occasionally to this blog and maybe even to YouTube. We have the equipment and the ability to do it, so you may actually get to see and hear us once in a while.

RESULTS: The great thing about saying “We may start…” is that it didn’t promise anything actually happening. Which is fortunate because we had a lot on our plate already for this year, and many new issues arose that needed our attention first. So although this did not come to pass, we do have plans and will be taking our first steps to make this happen in 2023. We’ll see what happens.

8 – Finally, I’m starting to look into voiceover work opportunities for myself this coming year. I’m already on LinkedIn and have seen opportunities becoming more numerous, as well as over on Audible. There are apparently opportunities here in and around Santa Cruz, so I may be trying out for a few here and there. It all depends on time and how many spoons I can spare without burning myself out.

RESULTS: I did look into things more and discovered that one of the most important things I needed to really start applying for some of these opportunities are some “Demo” recordings which act as a portfolio/resume’ for voice actors. And that is something I do not have. Also, it is not something I can really do on my own at home with the equipment I have, which is fine for Audiobooks, but not for “Demos”. So as 2022 approaches its end, I have gone back to taking Voiceover classes to further develop my skills, as well as getting support, scripts and eventually professionally done “Demo” recordings. So before 2023 is out, I WILL be auditioning for voiceover work professionally.

So, overall I didn’t do too bad, right?

Ooo… tough crowd! 

Alright, I’ll level with you folks. Since September I’ve been dealing with a health issue that is still being investigated to find the cause and how to deal with it. I started having an elevated heart rate where even resting I was at 100 beats per minute. After MRI’s and cardiograms, they have ruled out my heart itself being the problem, but they have discovered a couple of other issues that could be triggering this and are diving deeper to find the answers. Currently, medication has my heart at a more normal level, but I’m suffering dizziness and fatigue to the point I’ve been on FMLA since September.  

This fatigue has slowed me down on a number of fronts, including writing and blogging (obviously, since I haven’t posted as often as I’d like this year). But I’m hanging in there, so no worries. I have been doing some writing and recording, just not as much as I would really like to be doing. But it is happening, nonetheless. So your patience is appreciated.

On the plus side, I did release not one but two video narrations on YouTube, in case you missed them. One of them is my presentation of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”, complete with me supplying all the voices along with images I found on the internet to give you all a picture book experience as I narrate the entire novella as it was written and can be found below:

Plus I did the same thing for one of Helen’s short stories from her recently published short story collection “W. I. T. C. H. Hunter’s Forever” which is a spinoff from her Forever Detective Series starring her detective/vampire Rafael Jones (who does make a brief appearance in one of the stories). This tale is also a Christmas themed story, involving none other than the legendary demon Krampus. Which can be viewed here at:

Once again, I had a lot of fun supplying the voices and gathering images from across the internet to bring a more enjoyable view/listening experience to the audience. 

I will probably be doing more YouTube presentations of stories written by Helen and myself, as well as some little known (but highly entertaining) ghost stories I have found in Public Domain, including one tale from Lord Dunsany, who was a huge influence to the man who created the Cthulhu Mythos, H. P. Lovecraft.

So, there’s quite a bit on the horizon for 2023 and we hope you’ll stick with us and check out our work and help spread the word. Because there’s no better advertising than word of mouth. 

Thanks for all your continued support throughout this year, and we’ll see you again soon.

Christmas came early to me…

Last night I received this comment over on my YouTube channel regarding my presentation of an unabridged version of Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” from Barbara Ortiz…

“This version is among the best, the added images are very nice, your extra research is appreciated. Ahh, also, your voice acting is spot on.”

This meant the world to me. I hope everyone else who’s checked it out enjoyed it just as much.

And if you wish to give it a try, I’m supplying the link just below. Happy Holidays everyone and may the season bring you all the joy and happiness it can.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, a Joyous Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year to you all.

Sharing this from a friend because there are times, especially during the holidays when people need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. And that moment can make a huge difference in what happens next for that person…

Writer's Treasure Chest



Feeling sad is a healthy, normal part of life. For some people sadness comes out of nowhere, triggered by something as simple as a song that comes on the radio. It ebbs and flows. But for others, feelings of sadness won’t go away and the origin of the sadness is hard to discern. It is not something they can “snap out of” or control. It causes feelings and thoughts that won’t go away. Many lose interest in normal daily activities, lack energy, and have trouble concentrating. These are all signs of depression, a mood disorder also referred to as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. 

If you or someone you know suffers from depression you are not alone. Over sixteen million people in the United States experienced depression last year. While serious, depression is a treatable condition and help isn’t too far.  (Source: Depression – Mayo Clinic)

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