Hi everyone.  For those who haven’t realized, I have this blog and another one.  This blog has been mostly for talking about my novels that are finished or are under way.  The other blog which I’ve titled, “MUSINGS OF A CREATIVE MIND” is all about writing itself.  Dealing with writer’s block, getting ideas and inspirations, trying to find an agent, my efforts to get published, all that good stuff.

Now in regards to novel #2 “THE SHIP”, the total word count is up to 61,000.  I haven’t had as much time to write lately due to college demands.  I’m getting close to finals already so the workload is increasing.  I’m going to spend most of this afternoon though on the novel.  I’m caught up for the moment and want to take advantage while I’ve got the chance.  Next weekend is going to be shot because I have a special all-day class on Saturday to wrap up one of my classes, so I won’t have as much time to do other things.  But rest assured, “THE SHIP” is now 2/3’s done and I hope to have a completed 1st draft by the middle or end of June.

In the meantime if anyone is interested in reading my other blog, today’s topic is about “LAYERING”.  For those who don’t know that term it’s a phrase to describe how a writer will add on more and more details to a scene/setting to give the reader more of an idea or feel for the action and where it’s taking place.  For more information please click on the link below: