Greetings all, hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  College is slowly winding down which means the workload has piled up and gone into overdrive.  I have regular classes this week and next week.  Then the following week is all FINAL EXAMS, which means the teachers are throwing everything at us that they didn’t get around to earlier in the semester.  So I won’t have much new to post for another couple of weeks.  I may post a sample of one of my other book projects that doesn’t involve Alex, Ronnie, Cassie or Julie in a day so you have something else to read in the meantime.  It’s a comedy peace involving the Apocalypse, Jesus, the Devil the Anti-Christ and the devil’s OTHER son Clausmodeus who was born the same day as Jesus.    Yes, there’s a definite reason for that little fact and you’ll find out more when I post it.

Until then peace out and stay healthy.