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Book 3 of the Forever Detective Series
is now available

Rafael Jones is always a little out of his depth in rural settings, but he’s not just a detective, he’s also undead. He can’t ignore the call from the Saratoga County coroner when she mentions the bite marks found on several drowning victims during the spring and summer of 1947.

However, he knows his weaknesses (sunlight, running water, and a woeful lack of country manners), so he isn’t working alone. His slowly developing powers and quick wits may not be a match for something old, strong in magic, and completely cursed.

Available now in all e-book formats for $3.99 at:

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*Also available in Trade Paperback for $12.99 at Amazon OR “Signed” copies available by contacting/e-mailing the author at: helenkrummenacker@gmail.com 

Gifting E-books…

This entry may seem to be a repeat but every year I get asked about how to gift e-books to someone. So here you all are and I hope everyone takes advantage since giving someone a tale they will love can be priceless sometimes…

Okay gang, the big day is drawing near and you still want to get a few more gifts but don’t know what to buy, or don’t want to go out into the stores which have already pulled down half of their displays and are lining up Spring stuff. What to do, what to do… how about giving someone a good book to read on their Kindle? It’s fast, easy, and you can have it delivered on Christmas Day and know it will arrive on time…

Didn’t know you could do this? Neither did I for the longest time. I only found out a couple of years ago when we released “The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home”. I found myself rewarding some of our beta-readers with a free copy of the finished product in whatever form they wished (trade paperback, Kindle, PDF).  Most requested a signed trade paperback, but a couple asked for the Kindle version.

So I headed over to Amazon, got into my account, and pulled up “The Vampyre Blogs – Coming Home”.  Once there I quickly found the “Give As A Gift” button and clicked it.  From there I was taken to another screen which asked me to sign into my Amazon account, which I did.  From there I was taken to a final screen

This screen asked only for the e-mail address of the recipient I was sending this book to AND what day I wanted it delivered.  It was the option of a delivery date that really caught my eye.  Now some of you might be thinking, “Duh, you never noticed this before?”  And the answer is “Obviously, I didn’t.  I rarely gave e-books as gifts to anyone before, even though I’m one of the authors.  Most of my readers buy the books for themselves and hardly anyone in my family owns a Nook or Kindle.”  So yes, this was  new to me and very exciting.

So now I have this huge new avenue for last minute holiday shopping before me, which I thought it important to share these options with all of you. Some of you may have known about all this, but for those (like me) who didn’t you now have more options when it comes to shopping for gifts.  I personally love the idea of having a book to place in someone’s ‘Cyber Stocking’.

So for anyone who didn’t know about this option, now you do.  And the best part is you can do that kind of shopping right now.  The e-book will not arrive before the date you set.

Of course, being an author I’m going to shamelessly promote our books by providing links below so you can visit our author pages on Amazon, where all our books are listed and you can choose whichever one(s) you’d like to gift to the readers in your life.

Here are the links for our Para-Earth Series:





And for fans of Helen’s new “Forever Detective Series” which blends noir mystery and the supernatural here are the links to those books:

Thanks for tuning in and don’t be afraid to leave suggestions or ideas about gifting books that I overlooked in this post, in the comments section below.  Until next time, take care and keep writing.

Just in time for the Christmas season, a good old fashion ghost story is the theme of the Helen’s second solo book…

The year is 1947 and private investigator Rafael Jones has already learned the hard way that the supernatural is all too real. Having been turned into a vampire, albeit one who has no problems with holy objects, he’s trying to continue working as a detective. While back on the continent his Interpol love, Clara Thomas, is using her considerable “occult” contacts to find a way to help him.

In the meantime he has a new case to deal with. A friend has asked him to prove a mansion he’s inherited is NOT haunted. Unfortunately, it is and the ghost has reached out to Rafael for help and justice.

Can our hero find answers to a 20 year old cold case no one knew about? Can he find the Prohibition gangster who murdered the young flapper? And can our boy survive the fact that he’s not the only one who knows about supernatural beings and how to deal with them?

Find out in “Forever Haunted” available December 1st in Trade Paperback and Kindle:



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I know this is the first post I’ve done in two weeks, but things have been busy at college and at home.  I haven’t had as much time to write, but rest assured that progress on the novel has been taking place.  I’ve managed to bring “THE SHIP” up to 57,000 words in length so far.  I’m aiming for about 90,000.  So it’s more than halfway done.  I just have to try and get more writing done when I can.  However, college will be wrapping up in about another 5-6 weeks and projects are due, so we’ll see how much progress I actually get done.

In the meantime, here is another snippet from “THE SHIP” where Cassandra Elliott, heiress and psychic, demonstrates one of her more unusual talents “POST-COGNITION”.  Instead of seeing into the future, Cassandra will usually see things/events from the past either in dreams or visions.  Whenever this happens it means a piece of information or knowledge is being conveyed to her about something she has already or will soon encounter.  In this case, she has already met the threat while trying to learn how to surf.  While out on the water a frightened sea lion pup climbed aboard and tried to urge her to leave the area.  Unfortunately, the two of them get knocked off the board by an unseen force and she hears the pup scream in pain and perish.    At this point of the story, she still does not know what attacked or how dangerous the thing is.  But she’s about to gain a little more insight to the situation.  I hope you enjoy this scene…

            In the bedroom Cassandra seemed to be sleeping quite peacefully, however her dreams were anything but. 

            She found herself standing on a vessel from another time.  Tall masts and rigging swung loomed overhead.  The word ‘frigate’ came to mind.  Yes, that was what this ship was.  She’d seen drawings and images dozens of different types of early vessels in history books.  There was even a refurbished frigate on display at her family’s shipping facility back in England.  But unlike the pristine colors and highly polished brass fixtures, the ship she was on was not for tourists to admire.  This one was a working vessel and it was being buffeted around by a turbulent sea and intense winds.  The sound of a storm roared loudly in her ears.  All around her men scrambled fore and aft to keep the vessel under control.

            Water came pouring over the sides sweeping some men off their feet.  But quick reflexes and years of experience prevented them from being sent over the side and to their doom.  She marveled at the way they reacted and moved.  Even more importantly, their clothing caught her eye.  Every man was wearing the gear of a sailor from the late 1700’s.  And from the condition of the outfits this was no movie or film set.  Their wardrobe would not have been deemed colorful or sensational enough for something like that.  No, this was the real thing and somehow she was in the middle of it.

            Again the ship seemed to pitch to the side and then straightened up, but she wasn’t afraid.  There was no danger for her in this place.  She was merely a spectator to the events unfolding before her.  This was not the first time she’d had such dreams, they had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember.  On all those previous occasions she was there to learn or see something of importance.  And they were not always pleasant things. 

            During the 25 years since her birth she’d witnessed weddings, births, duels, deaths, and even the circumstances surrounding Jerome’s passing.  The story she had told Julie had been based on that vision as well as notes she’d found inside old journals and letters some weeks after the dream.

There was no doubt in her mind that this was another one of those vision/dreams into the past.  In all the previous ones Brandon, Roxanne or another deceased member of the family was at her side bearing witness to the events unfolding before her.  And this one was following that same pattern.

No one seemed to notice her or Brandon who was keeping one arm protectively around her shoulders.   It was reassuring to have him at her side.  She could barely remember a time when he wasn’t somewhere near.  There were times when she even had dreams of looking up and seeing the sides of a crib and mobile overhead.  And there he was smiling down at her with his wife or Jacob next to him.

A loud shout from a raised area drew her attention and she looked up.  There manning the great wheel was a towering figure.  The captain of the ship no doubt, he was tall and solid.  Not fat, just powerfully built.  A large beard and moustache combined with long wet hair to give him an almost bestial look.  From amidst the long dark tresses whipping across his face from the storm she saw a pair of bright blue eyes with an almost fanatical gleam in them.  All this, coupled with his great height and massive chest and shoulders made her think of a bear that had somehow taken on some aspects of human countenance.

Yet it was that powerful physique and determination that made him so effective at controlling the ship under these circumstances.  Another wave crashed over the railing and nearly took the man closest to him.  But with a speed that belied his size, the captain’s hand shot out and caught his crewman by the belt and saved him from being washed over the edge.  At the same time, the human mountain kept his other hand on the wheel and pressed his great chest against it to help keep it on course.

One of the other men shouted his name and she did a double-take.  Mordecai… Captain Jason Mordecai!  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  Oh there had been paintings done of the man, many of them by Brandon who later became his business partner.  But those had been all done under much calmer conditions such as in the man’s cabin or at home.  Getting to see the legend in action was practically a treat for her.  But she knew better.  This glimpse into the past was being shown to her for a reason.  But what was it?

A scream from up in the rigging caught her attention.  Looking up she saw another member of the crew, a young man barely out of his teens from the look of him.  A look of absolute terror was etched into his face making him look much older.  “CAPTAIN!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, desperately hoping to be heard over the storm.  “WE’VE BEEN SPOTTED!”

Mordecai didn’t look up.  His entire focus was on controlling his vessel, but something in the young man’s tone had registered in his mind.  “WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT BOY?  ARE THEY ENGLISH, FRENCH OR PIRATES?” his loud voice boomed back.

The reply was partly lost to her as thunder roared overhead and all she could catch was “IT’S…THE… SHIP…. THE DEATH…” the rest of his words became lost on a sudden blast of wind.  But his fellow crewmembers must’ve heard him because every man on deck stopped whatever they were doing and froze.  Several crossed themselves while others began to wail like frightened children. 

     It all started with a surfing class.  Cassandra simply wanted to give her girlfriend/lover Julie a treat while they visited Santa Cruz.  She herself has taken the class three times already and has never managed to stand up once.  Managing to sit on a board without tipping over is an accomplishment for her.

But this time the class will end differently.  She will get her first encounter with a strange nightmarish vessel straight out of history.  A thing her early seagoing ancestors had fought and believed destroyed.

And to make matters worse, THE SHIP has sensed her and the psychic powers she possesses.  THE SHIP is alive  and now wants to make her a part of it.  After all…. EVERY SHIP NEEDS A NAVIGATOR!

*This is an experimental blurb I’m considering using for the back/inside book cover for my novel THE SHIP*  I’d love some feedback on it so please leave comments below*

The novel is more than halfway done (as far as 1st drafts go) and I hope to capture the audience’s imagination and interest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took these photos at the Long Marine Lab located on the campus of the University of Santa Cruz.  All of them are of a young Gray Whale skeleton that is 25 feet long and is obviously outdoors. Please make sure to click on each one to get a bigger and better view of each image.   The creature has been put up on metal pipes to keep it off the ground and give it that more caught in the moment feel.  As you can see in photo #3 it has been placed next to a path and a mere 20-30 feet from a fence that allows visitors to look over a cliff and out at the ocean.  The view there is breathtaking and can really inspire a person’s imagination.

In my case it inspired a terrifying scene for my second novel where a young female reporter has been snooping into matters regarding  Cassandra Elliott (billionaire heiress) and her lover Julie DeLuca-Cloudfoot (shamaness and internet erotic lesbian wrestler) my two leading characters for this novel.   They have been stalked by a strange figure wearing clothing straight out of the late 18th century.  He appeared in my first book “THE BRIDGE”, where he nearly captured Cassandra at one point.  The mystery man failed and managed to survive being shot several times (including int he face), and was later at the center in a fiery explosion that took out an entire structure.  Cassie and Julie thought he had been killed and are completely unaware he is still around.

He  has plans for Cassandra and has followed her here to Santa Cruz, while she is on vacation.  He cares nothing about Julie, she is just a nuisance who may need to be eliminated if she tries to interfere and protect her lover.  His plans involve only the heiress, but the moment has not come and he must keep her safe in the meantime.   But, a new threat has arisen and he must keep Cassandra safe without her knowledge.

Unfortunately, a female paparazzi has been making a nuisance of herself while pursuing Cassandra and Julie to get photos and juicy details about the couple.  Her goal is to out the heiress unless offered a good sum of money to let her stay in the closet.  But now the reporter has just run across the mysterious figure and plans on making him part of the story.  It is a fatal mistake.  For although the he appears to be alone, he has an inhuman ally with him.  His compatriot proceeds to animate the giant skeleton as if it were alive once more.  The young would-be paparazzi will be grabbed by the bony jaws tossed about and eventually flung over the railing you see in photo #3.

How this idea came to me was interesting.  I had visited the Long Marine Lab before and had simply wanted to look at the view from the fenced area.  I heard a creaking behind me for a panicked moment my imagination went wild.  I pictured in my mind the great skeleton just behind me had moved and the pipes holding it up were being bent in the process.  Looking around I quickly saw that this was not the case.  You see right nearby is a large Desalinization Plant and the metal noises were coming from there.  But still the image stuck in my mind and I filed it away for later use.  It was too good a scene to let go.  Now I’ve finally gotten the chance to use it.

So now you have an example of how just simply roaming around and checking out places, can lead to some interesting ideas for writing.  I hope you enjoyed this little view into my world.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you’d like to read more about how I get other ideas and inspirations.  Until next time, take care and thanks for reading.

Limited Laptop Access…

Hello everyone, I’m afraid that i have limited access to my computer for the moment.  My wife’s laptop got damaged and is currently still in the shop being repaired.  Now, in case you didn’t know we’re both currently taking college classes and she needs internet access to do a lot of on-line homework.  So I’m sharing my computer with her.  Ergo, I haven’t been online a lot lately.

I can report that I’m over 1/2 way through the first draft of my 2nd novel “The Ship”.  However I’m considering changing the name to “The Deathship” but I’m not sure yet.  The book is part of my horror/mystery/sci-fi series and is a sequel to my first book “The Bridge”.  Any thoughts on the title choice would be greatly appreciated.  To help you decide I’m going to give you all a brief rundown on the story.

Billionaire shipping heiress and psychic Cassandra Elliott and her new love Julie DeLuca-Cloudfoot have come to Santa Cruz California to unwind and recover from a battle with a creature from  a parallel version of Earth back in book one.  While staying at a beach house they encounter a living ship from the past.  This vessel is known as the DEATHSHIP and has crossed paths with Cassandra’s family before.  After a brief encounter the ship during a surfing less, Cassandra is briefly touched by the nightmare vessel and it has  learned of her psychic powers.  Now it is hunting her not for revenge, but because it wants her to be its new navigator.  At the same time, two enemies who survived from the first book have followed her to Santa Cruz and are trying to keep her alive for their own sinister purposes.  Only two things are keeping Cassie safe.  One is her Seneca Shamaness girlfriend Julie.  The other is the ghost of Brandon Elliott, a 19th century ancestor who, for reasons unknown, has watched over her since the day she was born.

I’m featuring an actual places found here in Santa Cruz where I live.  Plus I’m using a historical landmark known as the Concrete Boat as one of the key components in the novel’s final battle scene.  I’m hoping to have a completed 1st draft by the end of this month… provided I get full access to my laptop back soon and college doesn’t overload me with homework.

That’s all for now.  Hope to post more soon.  Have a great weekend everyone and please leave some comments, I could really use some feedback on this blog.  Thanks.

A QUICK NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  I promised to post another section of my paranormal/horror/mystery/sci-fi novel and here it is.  These events take place several weeks before the prologue which I posted before.  At least a couple of readers wanted to know more about the man being pursued.  So I decided this was a great section for you all to get to know Alex better.  You’ll also meet his lady Police Sergeant Veronica Ross.  I hope you enjoy them both.

PS: Please excuse the lack of indentation on the paragraphs, the format keeps losing them whenever I post here.  No idea why.

THE BRIDGE continued…

An hour later, Veronica watched the stretchers being loaded onto an ambulance destined for the coroner’s office at the hospital.  A tall man in his late 50’s wearing a police chief’s uniform stood next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.  “There’s nothing more you can do here Ronnie,” he told her kindly.  “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?  I’ll notify the parents.”

“Is that an order Chief?”

“More like a suggestion from the guy you were first partnered up with back in New York,” her boss replied and then added, “You Snot-nosed Rookie.”

“Okay Oldtimer,” she replied and headed over to her motorcycle.    In a way she was glad to be sent off.  She needed to be with a certain someone who’d know how to make her feel a little better.

But, he’d have his work cut out for him this time.  Something about this accident was really bothering her.


There were few patrons in the bar that morning.  Some girls were playing billiards, while a handful of tables were occupied by regulars and the occasional new face.  The proprietors behind the bar made for an interesting study in contrast.  The man was young and had long brown hair.  The long sleeved white shirt, black vest and tie did little to disguise his bodybuilder physique.

His female partner also wore a tuxedo-like outfit as well.  But hers was a tank top with the design painted on the front, which showed the results of her workouts to excellent advantage.  Hers was a body that, whenever she went sunbathing, would set pre-teen boys talking in much lower octaves and thinking about cars.  She glanced over to the doorway as one of their favorite regulars entered.  Quietly putting down the glass she had been wiping, tapped it and waited.  As the room fell quiet, one of the regulars turned to his buddy and murmured, “Showtime.”

The big barman’s eyes narrowed as he spotted his quarry, a slender man in his late 20’s, with short blonde hair and striking blue eyes.  He was also just 5’ 8”, but carried himself with the ease of a professional jockey.

Putting down the beer he had been filling, the burly bartender said loudly, “I see the resident smart-ass has decided to grace us with his presence.”

A low “Oooooo…” ran through the bar.

The newcomer paused in mid-step and began to look around.  After a moment he turned around and bent over leaving his backside in the air, facing the bartender.  A muffled voice, that seemed to come from the area of the buttocks, began to speak. “Why, yes, I did graduate with top honors from my university.  I was valedictorian and also recently passed the test for Mensa. Their counterpart Morons, called to say that they would like you to take their test.  They think you ‘ave the very qualities they’re looking for in an Ignoramus.”

The barman’s face darkened, but his shaking shoulders betrayed his amusement.

A moment later he was laughing hard, along with the rest of the crowd.

His partner tapped the glass once more, declaring they had a winner.

Alex Hill straightened up and went over to collect the drink being poured by his opponent.

“All right Limey-Boy, you won this round, but just wait.  I’ll get you next time,” the big bartender smiled evilly.

Alex frowned. “Beggin’ your pardon Guv, but you’ve won the last three rounds.  It was about bloody time I got one up on you,” he replied, accepting his free drink.

The barman nodded, “Yeah, but I still need to beat your record.”

“Oh, you mean the time I got you five weeks running?”

His friend grumbled something inaudible and went to take an order from the pool players.

“I thought it was seven weeks,” commented the lady bartender.

“Indeed it was, my dear Jill,” Alex replied smugly. “You know it and I know it.  And of course, so does your dear Tony.  I was just trying to get ‘im wound up enough that ‘e’d say it in front of everyone.”

The gorgeous blonde shook her head, “He’s gonna pound you one of these days.”

“For what?”

“Embarrassing him in front of his clientele,” she replied.

“Oh really?” a look of disbelief swept over Alex’s face, “And I suppose ‘im using me for a substitute barbell in front of the ladies isn’t embarrassing?  I mean, let’s face it, women want to talk to the weightlifter, not the weight.”

“The dead weight,” corrected Tony, walking by at that moment.

Alex glared at his back and then turned to Jill with a hurt expression.

“Poor Little Man,” she cooed patting his head in a motherly fashion.

“Oye, I’m not THAT little!” he protested and then added, “Especially not in certain areas.”

“Really?” she asked in amazement, “So the microscope Ronnie bought the other day really was for your nephew?”

Alex gave her a look and said, “Neither of you are going to let me keep even a shred of dignity are you?”

Jill contemplated this for a moment then shook her head, “Nope!” and went to fetch more glasses, leaving him to stew without a good comeback.  A moment later, Tony sidled up next to him saying, “There goes the cruelest woman on earth.”

“Who, if I’m not mistaken, verbally emasculated me just now,” Alex complained.

“Yeah, she did,” Tony clapped him on the shoulder, nearly knocking him off the stool.  Then he walked off to take some more orders.

“You do realize I ‘ate the pair of you with a passion of biblical proportions,” Alex called after him.  “In fact, once I get ‘ome I’m going to sick the four ‘orses of the Apocalypse on both your rotten arses.”

“Don’t you mean the Horsemen Brit-boy?” his friend replied from the somewhere in the crowd.

“No just their ‘orses.  First I’m going to feed them and then park them on each of your lawns. I’m sure the steeds of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death will leave very interesting gifts be’ind.”

Oddly enough no one laughed.  In fact the room had become awfully quiet.

Thirty years of existence had taught Alex that this could mean only one thing.  “There’s someone scary be’ind me isn’t there?” he said to the room at large.

He watched several patrons suddenly become very interested in their drinks.  This did not bode well in his book.

“Excuse me sir, but we do have laws around here about letting your animals do their business on someone else’s lawn,” said a cool voice from behind him.

He turned to see a policewoman staring pointedly at him. She looked to be in her mid-thirties and stood about 4 inches taller than him.  She was wearing shades and no nonsense expression on her lovely face. “Now, I’m sure I didn’t just hear you threaten the owners and of this fine establishment,” she continued.

“Fine establishment?” Alex repeated and looked around.  Maybe her shades were rose-tinted?

At least several people snickered, including Jill.

The officer folded her arms and waited patiently.

Finally, he said, “Well if you’re sure you didn’t ‘ear me say any such thing then I suppose neither of us ‘ave anything to worry about.”

“Too bad,” the policewoman remarked, taking off sunglasses to reveal a pair of fetching green eyes.  Then she removed her helmet and the pins holding up her mass of deep red hair.  “I was looking for an excuse to slap my handcuffs on you and haul your ass back to my place.”

Alex stared at her for a moment.  Then he began rummaging through his pockets, muttering.  “I know I’ve got the ‘Orsemen’s phone number around ‘ere somewhere…”

Veronica raised an eyebrow in amusement, but said nothing.

“I’ll get their ‘orses on those lawns in no time flat,” Alex promised, still searching desperately.  Finally he yelled, “Is a there a priest in the ‘ouse?”

Tony came to his rescue, “Officer, I’d like this man removed from the premises.  He’s violating the rules of the bar.”

“Which one?”

“No shirt, no shoes… No UGLY.”

Alex glared at him, and then turned to Veronica, “I guess you’ll ‘ave to take the barkeep, too.”

“I own the place,” Tony reminded them.

“I was referring to your partner.”

Jill’s indignant voice rang out from somewhere in the crowd, “EXCUSE ME?”

That was enough for Veronica and grabbed Alex by the shoulder.  “Okay, causing a public disturbance, let’s go.  And don’t try resisting arrest either,” she warned, then added playfully, “Or else.”

To resist or not to resist, that is the question, thought the young man, as he was handcuffed none too gently.

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