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Up to this moment 247 people have already claimed their copy of my paranormal/mystery. You have until midnight tonight (Pacific Standard Time) to get your free copy. And if you’ve already gotten yours, spread the word and so your family, friends and networks can get their copy. Psychics, cops, ghosts and a terrifying secret hidden away inside a three hundred year old bridge await you in this book. Come and learn how the Para-Earth series begins in this first installment. You’ll be glad you did.



For those unfamiliar with the concept of a “Hobbit Birthday”, it is one where the birthday person gives presents to those who come to celebrate with him/her.  And that’s what I’m doing here with my birthday, which is march 30th.  I’m giving you all a chance to get a free e-copy of my novel “THE BRIDGE”.

Just go the link below which will take you to Smashwords and use this coupon code: XS86Y to get a free e-book copy.  Smashwords will give you selection of different versions of the book to choose from MOBI (Kindle), Nook, Apple, EPUB, and PDF.

****NOTE: the coupon is only good from now through midnight April 1st, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible****

And what does this birthday boy ask for in return?  Simply this, leave a review on Smashwords and/or Amazon if you don’t mind.nd if you enjoyed the book, please help spread the word about it through your networks.  The biggest battle any new author faces is getting the word out about their books, so this would be a huge help.

SO LET THE PARTY BEGIN.  Here’s the Smashwords Link:


The Bridge Book Cover 2.75


4.0 out of 5 stars Normally not my type of Genre, March 17, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Bridge (Para-Earth Series) (Kindle Edition)
This para book is not the genre I usually read. But I got sucked in and loved the characters. I am looking forward to the next in the series.


“THE BRIDGE” Has Arrived…

“THE BRIDGE” is finally here! My debut horror/paranormal mystery/sci-fi novel is available on Smashwords starting TODAY! The e-book formats are Nook, Apple, Sony. Kindle and traditional Trade Paperback will be available shortly. In the meantime you can go to Smashwords via the link below to sample the book or purchase it:


Final Version of the cover.

Final Version of the cover.

My debut novel “The Bridge” is a unique blend of horror/mystery/science fiction and it will be available on Smashwords, Kobo, Apple, Sony, Nook this Friday.

The novel will also be available in Kindle and Trade Paperback shortly.

Here’s a the book jacket blurb”

Alex Hill buried his psychic talents for eighteen years. But with the scream of tires and twisting metal all this changes.

When his girlfriend, Police Sergeant Veronica Ross, is nearly run down by two teens he becomes concerned. But upon learning that both the driver and passenger had been dead for almost twelve hours before the crash, he knows what he must do…


Note: Books 2 and 3 are already under way.

By now,  you all know I’ve been working on the book cover for my Paranormal/Mystery/Sci-Fi novel “THE BRIDGE”.   It’s been an interesting experience, which I do not recommend it for everyone unless you’re an artist yourself.  It has it’s pros and cons.  In my case I love having way more control over the creation of the image that is going to basically be my “Introductory Handshake” to the world.  Remember, this is going to be my debut novel and I want to catch peoples attention who have no idea what to expect when they first see the cover.

Now, I’ve seen images used on books that I thought were interesting but did not always have all that much to do with what actually happened in the story itself.  In fact, I’m sad to say, there were a few where the image was more interesting looking than the story.  But what really got me on occasion was where there was some kind of really cool scene on the cover that never appears in the story.  I felt cheated in a way.  Oh the story might have been a good one, but part of me really felt frustrated by that ‘missing scene’.  Now, I know we all want to capture the audiences imagination and interest, but I want to make sure I’m being fair about it.

Now in my case, since the title of my novel is “THE BRIDGE” I could’ve just gone with a bridge from around the right time-frame as the one in that appears in my story.  But while picturesque, I wanted to add some clues as to what or who the reader may encounter on that bridge.   So I decided to add a figure and one in particular stood out in my mind, the “White Lady”.   She is a ghostly figure who haunts the bridge, supposedly searching for the baby she lost from it many years ago.   But by the same token I wanted to raise some questions in the viewer’s eyes.  Why does her hair seem to flow and move like Medusa’s?  Is she even human?  Are we seeing some kind of Gorgon?  Or is she something much more unique and different?

We all need to get  the viewers attention by capturing their interest in some subtle or intriguing manner with our book covers.  Mind you, not all covers have to be like the old movie posters of Star Wars where we see the tall and impressive Darth Vader looming in the background while Luke and company (who appear much smaller at the bottom) are racing to meet the HUGE threat overshadowing them.  It depends on the story itself.  It can be subtle with an intriguing character who somehow catches our interest with their good looks or pose.  Or can be even more subtle, a building or structure that evokes emotions or a memory that draws the audience towards it.

I’m learning that a lot goes into the creation of a book cover.  Luckily I’ve had years of artistic training to draw upon to help me reason out what kind of image I wanted to use.  Who or what the ‘star’ of the image was going to be and what kind of backdrop or stage would be helping frame it.

Well, the cover is nearing what I hope will be the final stages.  Here’s where it stands now, I hope you enjoy it and that this entry has given you all some good ideas of what to keep in mind when making or getting someone else to make the cover of your book.   Take care.


Finally started the book cover yesterday morning.  It’s similar yet different to the previous one, I kept the lower half and have changed upper portion but I think it’s going to work.  Finishing this piece is going to take a little while and so will formatting the book when I finally get to that in a few days.  Plus, I still have to do a back cover blurb, do dedication and acknowledgement pages.

All this on top of  finishing up college for this semester. I might be looking at Christmas Day or New Year’s Day release (but ONLY if it is really ready).   Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.

In the meantime here is what I managed to get done yesterday…


Finally got a response today. Never thought I’d be so happy to be rejected but at least I have an answer.  And while the novel was rejected I was also given a critique that gave me much food for thought. I’m going to do a rewrite of the story and try to decide where to go from there. More querying or try to e-publish. Any thoughts folks?

For those wondering and needing a reminder “THE BRIDGE” is a unique blend of paranormal horror/mystery/with a sci-fi twist that would make the Twilight Zone proud.

Hello Everyone.  Sorry for the long delays between posts.  I’m still sharing my laptop with my wife, plus my new job has been keeping me very busy.  I was supposed to have 2 days off in a row this week, then I was told that I had to come in on one of those 2 days to get more training.  Wasn’t happy about it, but I understand the reason.  The trainer is going to be leaving shortly and our time together is drawing to a close very quickly.  HOPEFULLY… things will become a little more steady and regular in a couple of weeks and I can schedule myself to work on my blogging.  So please be patient.

In the meantime, I have been able to get some work in on novel #2 “THE SHIP”.  Currently it is sitting at about 65,000 words still, but that’s because I had to go back and look over some earlier portions of the book and do some serious cutting and re-editing.  I’m trying to aim for about 120-140,000 words for the first draft.  The final draft will come in under 100,000 words.  So why the high count you say for the first draft?  Simple, the way I write I want to get the main story down and all the characters on board, as well as all the most interesting actions sequences.  Then when I go to work on the 2nd draft, it’s to start cutting down the word count to something more manageable and acceptable to any potential agents/publishers.  For new authors you have to keep it below 100,000 or even 80-90,000 words to even get considered.  You don’t have a track record of proven sales behind you to get them to cut you some slack on the length.  Look at the length of the first Harry Potter book compared to the later ones and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Also, I love editing my work to see how many times I repeated the same idea since it takes me weeks and months to complete a story.  I have a nasty habit of coming up with the same idea or concept in several different places of the book.  So then I have to decide where does it work the best or at all.  So keeping the draft down to 120-140,000 words is much more manageable to edit for me.  My first novel “THE BRIDGE” was a real monster when I completed the 1st draft.  That one weighed in at 198,000 words.  Then I went and did my research and found out about the length it should be.  If I recall correctly I found a quiet corner in the closet and sobbed hysterically for 2 hours.  Cutting 100,000 words was not easy but I did it.  AND it was worth it.  The final draft that I sent to the agent was much leaner and better paced than the 1st one.  Plus it’s gotten their attention and I’m just waiting for further word on it and what happens next.


Oh, I also just recently found out on another front that we’ll be moving soon.  Probably towards the end of July so packing has also been keeping me occupied as well.  I hope to post  here again in a week or so and I’ll give you all another sample of novel #2 “THE SHIP”.  Until then, take care everyone and thanks for reading.

I’m using italics here to separate the story from what I have to say.  This takes place a bit after the last section I posted.  At this point my male lead Alex has been rescued by the three female leads.  His police girlfriend Veronica, Cassandra a petite beauty and friend of his who is also a billionaire heiress, and Julie a tall muscular girl who is Veronica’s best friend.  They were all featured in the last scene I posted.  I won’t be posting too much else from “THE BRIDGE” in the future only because I don’t want to give away the main secrets of the story.  Suffice to say that the other figure who appears (the white-haired man) plays a crucial role in the sequel, which I am currently working on.  I’m tentatively calling it “The Door”.  I thought it only appropriate to introduce you to him before I start posting any sections of that book in the near future.   I also wanted to assure you that all the characters in this scene will be appearing in the 2nd book and will still be in the leading roles of that story.  In the meantime, please enjoy this section of “THE BRIDGE”.


The infant in Veronica’s arms cried out loud, breaking the spell.  Alex could sense the baby’s terror and the reason behind it.

Cassie sensed it too and cried, “Alex I think it’s coming.”

“No,” he corrected, “It’s already ‘ere.  It’s always been ‘ere.”

At that moment the stones beneath their feet slowly move up and down.  The bridge seemed to be breathing.

Julie knelt down by Alex and began assessing his condition.  They needed to get out of there, but she didn’t want to risk causing him further injury in the process.

“You all right?” he asked her quietly.

“I’m pissed if you must know,” she replied bitterly. “You and Cassandra have abilities I understand, but don’t have.   Veronica’s keeping the baby safe.  And me, I’ve been pretty much useless until now.”

“You’ve done more than you realize,” Alex interrupted. “I ‘eard everything you told Cassandra, especially the bit about the part about the stone in the water.”

“Is that significant?”

“The stone you saw in the vision was built into this bridge.”

A startled look crossed Julie’s face.  “The Shaman said it had to stay in the water otherwise that thing would eventually break out.”

“It broke out years ago, it just couldn’t leave.  It needed another to merge with,” Alex told her and glanced over at his lady.  The infant had quieted down in her arms, “It still needs ‘er.”

Julie followed his gaze, and straightened her broad shoulders. “Well, IT is going to have to learn to live with disappointment.”

Alex gave her a weak smile and then winced while clutching his leg.

That’s not good, Julie thought and reached into her bag where she always kept an ace bandage and other emergency medical items.  “Cassie I need that flashlight over here,” she called and waited.  There was no response.  Looking up spotted the heiress slowly moving towards the end of the bridge leading to Jason’s old cottage.   “Cassandra!” she yelled.

Cassie blinked and shook her head, as if coming out of a dream.

“I need you over here.  Bring the flashlight and that walking stick you took out of the limo,” Julie instructed.

Cassie raced to over to where she’d dropped the items earlier, when she’d first spotted Veronica trying to rescue Alex.  Gathering them up quickly, she rushed over to where Julie was working on Alex.

“Shine the light down here so I can see what I’m doing,” the big girl instructed. “Good.  Now as soon as I have him bandaged up we get out of here.  It feels like we’re being watched.”

“More like sized up,” replied the heiress.

“You feel it too?” asked Ronnie joining them, “Why doesn’t attack already?”

As if in response, the bridge shifted slightly beneath them.

“Veronica, as a friend, I love you dearly.  But if you give IT any more ideas I’m going to hit you,” Julie muttered without looking up.  She was completely focused on her friend’s wound.  He had lost a fair amount of blood and…

Suddenly, the bridge gave a violent heave.

The muscular girl quickly splayed her body across Alex to keep him from being jostled, as the stones heaved and settled back down.  “Is everyone all right?” she shouted.

Clinging to the railing with one hand and hanging onto Veronica and the baby with the other, Cassie replied. “We’re okay, how’s Alex?”

“Doing jolly well down ‘ere,” came a muffled reply, from beneath Julie’s ample chest.

The big brunette rolled her eyes and sat up.  “Congratulations you’ve been where no man has gone before.”  Then she turned to Veronica, “Are we getting any back-up?  Or are we on our own?”

“Roy’s supposed to be on his way,” Ronnie replied, repositioning the infant in order to reach her shoulder radio.

The bridge gave another shudder.

Cassandra immediately grabbed the walking stick, “Do you want him to use this or lean on one of us?”

“Neither,” replied Julie reaching down and lifting Alex in her powerful arms. “This’ll be quicker,” she told them.

He stared at her in amazement, “You know you never struck me as the kind of girl who goes around picking up blokes.”

“Only if they didn’t get out of my way,” replied the muscular brunette, adjusting him carefully. “Back in school I used to stuff them in the nearest locker.”

“I thought I recognized you from somewhere in my embarrassing past,” he replied.

Julie laughed, if Alex could joke, he was hanging in there.

They turned to head back to where their cars were parked and stopped.  There was a figure standing at the end of the bridge blocking their path.  A flash of lightning gleamed off his long white hair.

“Ronnie?” murmured Julie.

“Other way, we’ll try and get to the mansion.” Veronica replied, pulling out her service revolver.

They were just about to turn and flee when they heard the cracking of stone behind them.

Cassie swung the beam of the flashlight at the source of the sound.

The ornate slab in the center of the bridge had cracked and black tendrils were emerging.

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