Wanted to share this with all of you. If you enjoy vampires, Juliette Kings is someone you want to take a look at. Her take on the culture, from a modern day vampire Mom’s point of view is funny, very relevant, and she is also a wonderful artist, as well as poet. This is well worth checking out. She’ll have you laughing, crying and also give you food for thought in a very special style that is all her own.

I highly recommend checking this collection out, as well as her blog “Musings Of A Vampire Maman”, you won’t be disappointed.

Vampire Maman

tangled tales cover

Now available at Amazon.com

A collection of 26 stories from Vampire Maman.

This isn’t just another “my book is out spam.”

This is a THANK YOU note for all of you who have followed Vampire Maman. You’ve read my stories and tales of Vampire adventure, parenting, romance and thoughts on life. You’ve left comments, feedback and love. You’ve shown so much support. And best of all you’ve really entertained me. I had no idea when I started this little Vampire/Parenting-Blog adventure that you were out there.

I also want to say thank you to all of my friends in the WPaD publishing group. You’re more than writers – you’re family.

So anyway, I’ll do a proper spamming of this book later – I just want to say LOOK. HEY.

But now it is night and I must go do Vampire things. You know how it is.


~ Juliette aka…

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