Anyone looking for reviews of their novels? Let me recommend Joe Hinojosa. He does a really good job with reviews. Very deep and insightful, well worth checking out. Here is a link to his blog, you can check out some of his other book reviews there while your at it.

Joe Hinojosa

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s a dreary morning in the DFW area, though I’m not complaining. There’s a cool breeze, and the sun is not burning everything in sight. In short, it’s a perfect day to lounge around and relax.

At the moment, I’m at the Wolfe City Library where my friend is working. She volunteers one Saturday a month to give the residents of her hometown a place to go to read, use the public computers, and get out of the dreary weather. Since I came to visit her this weekend, I tagged along. If only I had something to read….

Which brings up the reason I’m writing. I’m looking for something to review and I’m hoping for suggestions. Preferably, I’m looking for self-published works of fiction, or those from smaller, independent publishers. If you have something that you want reviewed, let me know. You can email me at

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