The Wee Free MenThis is my latest review on  I thought I would share it here as I wish to keep expanding on the whole books theme of this blog.  Especially since I don’t have a lot new to share on my own writing efforts.  So to keep everyone entertained here’s my take on “The Wee Free Men” enjoy…

CRIVENS! What’s not to like about Terry Pratchett or young girl discovering her witch powers? Nothing. But throw in a bunch of hyperactive, Pictsies(who are six inch tall, blue-skinned, caricatures of Scotsmen) and you’ve got a priceless piece of fun and excitement.

Mr. Pratchett’s efforts to branch out his popular Discworld series into the arena of children and young adults really pay off in this first installment. We meet young Tiffany Aching young farm girl who makes great cheese, who is trying to come to grips with her annoying younger brother Wentworth. Tiffany has a head full of questions and a way of thinking that is more ‘Witch-like’ than a normal girl. And if that wasnt’ enough, she’s now seeing little blue men in kilts who keep referring to her as the Wee-Big Hag. They are the Wee Free Men whov’e been sent to find her by their Kelda. A danger is coming back to these sleepy hills, one which will test her new powers and her feelings for Wentworth in ways she never dreamed.

Laughter, excitement, chases, drinkin-fightin-stealin-and more fightin’, await the reader in this fast-paced story. Warning: you may find your sides hurting from all the laughing you’re likely to wind up doing as you read. But it’s totally worth it.

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