Greetings all.  For some time I’ve been thinking about Vlogging (Video Blogging for those who’ve never heard the term before).  If you haven’t heard it before don’t feel bad, I only learned of it a couple of months ago.  Yes, I’m a little behind the curve some days.  I’m just grateful they leave breadcrumbs so I can follow and eventually catch up.

Now I believe I’ve mentioned the possibility of me taking up Vlogging before and I wanted to give you all an update on my thoughts and plans.  In the last few days I asked a bunch of my Facebook friends (which includes published authors) for their thoughts.  The response has been an overwhelming DO IT!  WE WANT TO SEE HOW IT GOES!   So, the plan is yes I will do some Vlogging in the future.  Just not the near future.  I do not have a camera, nor do I have the money to get one.  Gotta keep the priorities straight when it comes to everyday life and getting by.

That said, I WILL be Vlogging eventually in addition to my Blogging.  I won’t be dropping one for the other.  I want them to supplement each other.  After all I can’t video a section of my books, the written word is needed for that.  So I will be continuing to post snippets here of my work as well as give insights to what’s been going on in my life.  I’ll also continue taking photos of places where some of the action in my novels occurs.  I noticed that my recent shared photo of where I go for inspiration seemed to be very popular and would like to continue doing that.

So please sit tight and before this coming weekend is over I hope to have another photo or two up to share with you all.  Thanks for all your support and I look forward to hearing back from you all.  Take care and have a great week everyone.