Just wanted to apologize to everyone for not posting much lately.  College is under way and I’m carrying 16 units altogether.  So far 5 of my classes are slamming me with lots of reading homework and weekly quizzes.  Just 4 of the classes alone is giving me over 100 pages to reading a week, plus taking notes from what I’m reading.   As a result of this, my eyes have taken on a lovely ‘Zombie’ expression and that’s in my more lively moments. You don’t want to ask about other moments.

So, my writing is taking a bit of a backseat for the moment.  I haven’t stopped entirely and hope not to even if it’s just for the semester.  I need my creative outlet to help keep my mental and emotional balance.  I’m already doing exercise and dance for physical balance.

I’ll try to keep posting sections of some of my works-in-progress to keep you all amused and hopefully intrigued.  Thanks for your patience and support.  I’ll post another section of “The Bridge” shortly.  After that I may post either from my one-off story about the ‘Other’ son of the Devil, or from one of the sequels to “The Bridge” that is currently under way.  (Hopefully I’ll get a chance to work on it some more shortly).

Take care everyone.