Greetings all and thank you for visiting my new blog here at WordPress.  I have another blog under NetworkBlogs through FB which I will be linking to this site.

For those of you who are new to me, I’m an aspiring author.  I’ve worked in insurance companies, real estate, retail and went back to college a year ago to become a counselor in Human Services.  I’ve learned a great deal on my journey to becoming an author and everyone who’s made it says the same thing.  When you’re just starting out, HAVE A REGULAR JOB!  Otherwise you’ll wind up a starving artist or author in this case.

I have completed one novel to date.   The working title is “THE BRIDGE”.   I managed to create a strange blend of paranormal/horror/mystery and science fiction in this book.  Here is a quick synopsis:

Alex Hill is a young man with psychic abilities.  He is an empath who can see spirits, perform psychometry, and share can his dreams with others.  He has tried to ignore his talents because of a disastrous investigation of a haunted house 18 years ago. But, now he finds himself being drawn into another mystery involving a ghost.   His girlfriend Police Sergeant Veronica Ross is nearly run down by two teenagers in a car that crashes moments after missing her.  A call from the Coroner’s office reveals both driver and passenger have been dead since the night before when they had drowned.

Alex accompanies Veronica to the Morgue where he suffers a psychic attack involving a wave of intense cold accompanied by the wail of an infant.

At the Police Impound lot a mechanic is found drowned inside the wrecked vehicle which has mysteriously filled with water.

In all three deaths a mystery element is found in the water, which is traced to a large stream under an old stone bridge.  The bridge is haunted by the ghost of a woman  who lost her baby from it in the early1700’s.  It is located on a huge estate where 16 years ago the owner suffered a massive stroke that has left him in a coma.  That same night, one of his servants, a pregnant teenage girl disappeared.  The owner having now passed away left instructions for the property to be sold immediately.  Alex, who is a realtor, is given the task of selling the property.

Soon his childhood friend Cassandra Elliott, another gifted psychic who is romantically interested in him, submits an offer to buy the estate during an open house party.  During the event Alex encounters a soaking wet teenage girl down by the bridge.  After putting his jacket around her he suffers another psychic attack, where he witnesses the death of the Medical Examiner less than a mile away.  In the vision, the examination room of the Morgue fills up with water, with the Examiner trapped inside.

Within the hour the man is found dead in the room, a victim of drowning.  The water in his lungs is traced to the stream under the bridge, where Alex was found by Cassandra and the Chief of Police after the psychic attack.  There is no sign of the girl he put his jacket around.

Because he was found at the source of the deadly water, Alex becomes a suspect.  Veronica learns of her boyfriend’s psychic talents and pulls him into the investigation to help clear his name.

The groundskeeper for the estate tells Alex the legend of the ghost who haunts the bridge.  During the story, Alex has another vision and sees the events as they are told.  He suspects the old man knows more than he is telling, and that he may also be a psychic.

A series of dreams leads Alex to a hidden floor at the top of the mansion, and more clues to the mystery of the pregnant teen that vanished 16 years before.  He also learns of his girlfriend’s connection to the teenager.  She had helped the girl escape from an abusive home, and was going to adopt the girl’s baby.  Alex decides he must embrace his psychic side before any harm falls to those he loves, as well as to clear his name.

As I mentioned earlier this novel has already been completed and is in the hands of an agent in New York who requested the full manuscript.  I am waiting to hear back to see if she is interested in representing it.  In the meantime I am working on two sequels to “THE BRIDGE”, which take up exactly where this book ends.  I’m about 1/2 through one of the novels and have the other well under way also.  I’m also working on Gothic Romance novel involving the ancestors of the character Cassandra Elliott who’s family suffered a very unusual curse which they thought ended back in the 1800’s.  This Gothic story has direct connections to the 2 sequels to “THE BRIDGE”, which I hope readers will find enjoyable.

So once more I say to you, welcome to my world.  I’ll try to post often and keep you updated on my progress.  But I’ll also share what I’ve learned about learning to write novels and the resources I’ve found helpful for others who want to try their hand.  Writing is not an easy thing to do, but it can be so rewarding.