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Decision Time…

Sorry for the long silence, been busy with college and also doing a major re-write and edit of novel #1.  I’ve been using the critique I was given as a guide.  I didn’t take every idea on board because I was afraid of losing some of my vision, but I have used a majority of the suggestions.  As a result the story seems much tighter, even more coherent, and overall stronger.  I’m already over a third of the way done with it.  But what to do after that?  I was advised by one friend who’s already published that I go the e-book route AND query as well. I feel comfortable with this idea since I don’t have a track record behind me to show any prospective agents whether or not my writing has an audience.

So I’d like to hear from all of you as to whether you’d like to see “THE BRIDGE” come to life in e-book form?  And if yes, would you like to see it come out in time for Christmas?

I want to say thanks in advance for your help and advice.  I know I have a lot of people pulling for me and I do listen and think about all the advice I’m given.  Take care everyone and looking forward to hearing back.

Ah the Holidays….

Well gang, college is finished for now.  Got straight all A’s in my classes and preserved my 4.o GPA.  I even got back to work on novel #2 yesterday, not a lot, but still over 900 words helps.  I got past a major writer’s block on one scene and have gotten past it, FINALLY!  I was joking with my wife yesterday in the hot-tub of our apartment complex telling her I’d gotten back to writing.  She pointed out, I’d done plenty of writing for the last few months… term paper, presentation, term paper, essay, essay, term paper, essay, essay… etc.  I had to agree she had a point and then some.

Now we’re getting the last of our Christmas wrapping and baking done in order to up to go to Stockton for Christmas.  Her folks will be there and my Mom, who I haven’t seen in a year (SIGH).  We will be coming home on Tuesday, then cleaning up here for some friends to come stay for the New Year’s Weekend with us.  Yes, ’tis a busy time of year, but I am still getting some writing done.  After the New Year’s weekend I’ll hopefully get some serious down time to write.  My only concern is that I’ve got to call in for Jury Duty up in San Jose starting on January 8th.  Hopefully they won’t need me or they’ll call me in for one day and that will be the end of it.  It’s a 45 minute drive to San Jose from where I am depending on the traffic.

And maybe I’ll hear something back on my manuscript back in New York before I college starts up in February again.  I was hoping for a nice Christmas notice on that front but I don’t think it will happen this time.  Oh well.


It Was Supposed To Be A Still-Life...

I call this piece, “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A STILL LIFE”,  I couldn’t help myself with this one.   She looked so cute messing about under the tree.  This was my Dad’s cat Spikette.  The pose was based on my own cat Avalon, the beautiful black cat you see as my photo.  Both cats and my Dad are gone, so I’m really glad I did this piece.   It makes me think of all of them.  I’ve worked with Charcoal and Soft Pastel for years and this of course is done in the pastels.  I hope you enjoy this.

I’ve finished with my final exams…YAY!  But I’m also fighting a massive cold (yes I was fighting it while taking the exams as well…wheeeeeeee).  But now I have more time to rest and try and get over it.  In the meantime, I hope to be getting back to my writing and posting more sections here shortly.  Thanks for all your patience and I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season.

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