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****My $.99 Cent Birthday Weekend Special Has Begun****


I’m celebrating my birthday by slashing the price of my e-books by 2/3rds starting tomorrow. Books 1 and 2 in my Para-Earth Series are each just $.99 cents at Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo and other locations.

So spread the word and take advantage of this opportunity to get your own e-copies of my 5-Star novels.

Within these pages you’ll find ghosts, mystery, love, laughter and suspense unlike anything you’ve read before. You’ll also find beings that are and are not of this world. You can also sample the first chapters of each book for free at Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Amazon.

Just click on the appropriate link below to get the version that’s right for your e-reader, phone, or computer:



Nook, Apple and other readers (including PDF for just a regular laptop/desktop computer):


When I recently did my sale, I looked around at various websites to find places where I could promote. Imagine my surprise when I found a number of places insisted that the “bargain price” for a book had to be no more than $2.99.






At that moment I paused and thought to myself, “Wait a minute, that’s the regular asking price for one of my e-books. Are you telling me I’ve been offering my book at a ‘bargain price’ this whole time?” Now, taking a step back for a moment, let me explain how I’ve priced my books.

Number 1 – I’m still a newbie in the book world. I don’t have a huge following.

Number 2 – I had gotten the impression that lower prices would help promote sales.

Number 3 – I’ve been down a path where finances are tight for the last seven years, so I’m rather sympathetic to people having a hard time. So I try not to price my books out of people’s reach.

Now both my books weigh in at over 100,000 words a piece. Yet I am seeing more and more novels that are much shorter (down to under 10,000 words) being priced at $3.99, $4.99 and even $5.99. Now many of these are being done by Indie Authors like myself and are hitting Amazon, Smashwords and other bestseller lists.




So then I checked to see if this phenomenon was due to what kind of genres the authors were working in, to see if that was a determining factor. The results were that this was happening across the board, and not just an isolated genre.

At this point I started noticing articles talking about how lower priced books were not really being worth trying unless they’re an ‘impulse’ buy.   “If they’re so cheap, they can’t be all that good…” being the usual argument.  The “You get what you paid for…” mentality seems to be in effect here as well, leading people to think they have to spend a lot of money to get a decent story to read.

So that brings me to my main question. Is there a stigma attached to bargain-priced e-books? Do they not sell as well or seem as attractive to prospective buyers because of a low price?

I have no clue on this one so I’m hoping to hear back from all of you for your comments and opinions. Please leave them in the comment section below. Remember, the purpose of this blog is to pool and share knowledge so everyone can learn from mistakes or successful ideas. I know I for one will be reading the replies with great interest.

So until next time when I talk about “Genres and what defines them these days”, take care and keep writing.


Good News…  My $0.99 Cent sale is over.


Now the Bad News: I’m still going to talk about it today….  


Now don’t panic, the sale is over and done with and I won’t be promoting it today.  Instead I’d like to share some insights and the results with you all and get some feedback.

First off, how well did a week-long sale like this do?  Well all together I sold 15 copies, 10 of “THE SHIP”, and 5 of “THE BRIDGE”.  How do I feel about that?   It wasn’t bad to be honest, but I’m not sure an entire week was necessary.  Almost 2/3rd’s of the sales happened on the weekend when I first announced the sale.  For most of the week itself, there were only one or two days where anything happened.  Then when I announced this last weekend that the sale was coming to an end, there another 4-5 copies sold.  So quite frankly, doing an entire week-long sale didn’t yield all that much for my efforts.

Where did I publicize the sale?  Facebook, Twitter, Google +, both my blogs (which average over 1600 views a month from around the world), Goodreads.com, LinkedIn and a few other places as well as friends sharing and spreading the word.  So I really tried to get the word out.

Right now, I’m not certain how I feel about the results.  I’d like to hear from some of you authors reading this blog and hear your thoughts.  Was 15 a good result, mediocre or what?  Were there other places I could have posted to spread the word?  Myself and other readers of this blog would love to hear what the voices of experience have to say.  Part of the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and learn from those who read this blog, so please leave some comments in the section below.  We’re all in this together and the more we pool our knowledge, the more we all benefit gang.

That’s all for this entry.  I’ll be discussing Pricing your work in the next discussion, and then we’ll be discussing what genre your work might fit in.  That can be tough to figure out at times especially if you’re like me and wind up crossing several genres at once.

Until next time, take care and keep writing…

Happy Boxing Day!

HAPPY BOXING DAY!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. If Santa left you a nice new Nook, Sony, Laptop, or other nice new toy that allows you to read e-books, here’s another gift you can give yourself.

My paranormal/mystery “THE BRIDGE” is still on .99 Cents on Smashwords. Grab a copy for yourself so you can be ready when the sequel “THE SHIP” comes out in Feb/Mar 2014.


However, if Santa left you a new Kindle, you can get the book at Amazon for .99 Cents as well using this link:


Happy Holidays and enjoy yourselves.

The Bridge Book Cover Blurb (2)

Starting today (9/15/13) and ending midnight next Sunday (9/22/13), the e-book version of  my paranormal/mystery novel “The Bridge” is available for just 99 cents on Smashwords and Amazon.  


Smashwords covers Nook, Apple, Sony, and other e-readers as well as PDF copies of the book.


Amazon has the Kindle version.  So take advantage of this opportunity while you can.  Ghosts, police, psychics, shamans and a 300 year old bridge with a terrifying secret awaits you within the pages of this book.  This novel is also the first in the Para-Earth book series.  Book 2, “The Ship” will be coming this December and will follow two of the main characters in “The Bridge” as they journey to the west coast to bury one of their own.


Just click on the appropriate link below to get the e-book version that works best for you.  And if you already have a copy, please help spread the word of this one-week special deal.  Thank you.

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/272613

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/The-Bridge-Para-Earth-Series-ebook/dp/B00B86DR9G


Today I’m going to talk about my experiences with Kindle Direct Publishing, aka KDP Select.  This is a special program offered by Amazon to help authors promote Kindle versions of their e-books.  The program is worldwide which really helps make your work available to a huge market.  You sign a 3-month contract, which can be renewed automatically or ended when those three months are up.  During this period you have the opportunities to raise and lower the price of your work at your leisure.

This is where you will usually see the .99 Cent Weekend Specials coming from, or so I believe.  When I was not in the program I could only lower my Kindle price for “THE BRIDGE” down to about $2.99.  However, this might be so due to the size of the book (which came in at a little over 100,000 words) and/or the fact that I set my royalties at 70%.  When my current contract with KDP ends this month, I may experiment with lowering my royalties cut to 35% and see if I can lower the price that way.   I promise to do a follow-up after my contract is over and tell you what happens.

In the meantime, while under contract with KDP, you will also be given the option of having up to 5 days of free giveaways.  You schedule these days in advance on the system’s calendar.  This way the system knows when to change the price to FREE for only those days.  After your selected days are over, the system will then change the price back to normal automatically.

Now, in utilizing these special pricing features, you must have the right  mindset.  The purpose for lowering your price to .99 cents, or doing Free Weekend Giveaways is to simply INCREASE YOUR READERSHIP!  If you’re an little known author like me, your number one goal is to get your name out there and your product into the hands of readers.  If they love what you’ve written they will be leaving reviews, which will be read by others who come across your work on Amazon.  They will also be telling family and friends about your book.  Some may even do a review on their blogs, or on Goodreads.com.

This is free publicity folks.  It’s not costing you a cent.  No you’re not making money on those sales but you are building a following of readers who may be much more willing to put out money for your next work.  In the 3 months I’ve been on KDP Select the number of copies of my book in the hands of readers went from just under 100 to over 1400.   And I can tell you right now, even though there are only 15 reviews on Amazon, a number of these readers have told me flat out they can’t wait for the next book. I’ve also been seeing a slow increase in the number of paid sales, I’ve gone from low single digits to double digits for the past 2 months.  It seems the word is already spreading.  Some authors in the past have seen huge increases in their sales, but I’m still waiting to see if that really happens.  I’ll keep you posted.  But I’m very excited by the number of new readers who are eager to get my next book “THE SHIP” which is coming in December of this year.

Now, with all these good words about KDP Select, there is one downside I’ve found.   While under contract with KDP they have the exclusive rights to the e-book version of your work.  This means you cannot have your book available in any other electronic book form (i. e. Nook, Apple, Sony and other e-reader formats).  Now, when I first put “THE BRIDGE” out, I had it available through Smashwords so it was available in those other formats as well as in Kindle form through Amazon.  But lowering my price for the Kindle version on Amazon or doing free giveaways, was NOT an option for me on Amazon because was NOT part of the KDP Select program.  So I had to make the difficult decision of taking my book off Smashwords and the other e-reader formats for the duration of my 3 month KDP Select contract.  When the contract is finished at the end of this month, I will be making “THE BRIDGE” available on Smashwords once again.  I basically used my time on KDP Select as wisely as I could, to increase readership and get my name out there more.

I’m hoping there will be a good strong increase of sales on Smashwords when I get the book back up over there.  I’ve already had a number of people asking when will “THE BRIDGE” be available for Nook.  That will be happening in the beginning of September, so just hang in there a little longer folks. It’s coming.

So how do I plan on releasing my next book?  Will I do KDP Select first for 3 months and then add Smashwords?  Or shall I simply skip KDP Select and just put “THE SHIP” out for Kindle, Nook and ht other e-readers all at the same time?

I had planned on doing KDP Select first and then adding Smashwords (who distributes to Nook, Sony, Apple and the other e-readers).  But that when I had hoped to release “THE SHIP” in October.  By December I was going to add Smashwords in time for Christmas.  But due to a family crisis, where I wound up losing my father-in-law to cancer, all those plans got pushed back.

Currently, I am planning to put “THE SHIP” out in December.  As to whether I do just Kindle or Smashwords as well still remains a question.  I don’t want to leave my Nook and Apple readers hanging for 3 months AFTER Christmas.   It just doesn’t feel right.  So if any of you loyal fans who have a Nook, Sony or other e-reader are reading this, please tell me if you want “THE SHIP” in time for Christmas.  You’re wish will be my command.  After all, no author can survive without readers.  You are what make or break an author and their works.

I hope this lengthy entry was of help to all of you.  If any of you have had other experiences or things to do with KDP Select, please leave comments below.  We’d all love to hear and learn from you as well.  Until next time, keep writing!


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