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My First Newspaper Review!

Here is the first newspaper review of one of my novels.  I tried getting my first novel “The Bridge” reviewed, but never seemed to have much luck.  I think the fact that “The Ship” was set in Santa Cruz and featured a local landmark The S. S. Palo Alto, aka “The Concrete Boat”, really helped.





Here’s a shot of the S. S. Palo Alto…


My Press Release Kit…

For those of you (like me) who had never seen a press release kit, here’s the one I managed to put together.  I got some great advice from  a friend, Gwen Bodhan, who used to work for a newspaper.  She also edited the original Press Release I came up with.  I have no problem admitting her version was better.  So here’s what’s in mine.  I’ve included photos and am only leaving out only the actual book itself.  I send e-copies with my electronic Press Release Kit.  I send physical copies along with glossy photos when requested to.  I hope this helps some other writers out there who are getting their first book ready to be unleashed.

Oh, one more thing.  Research who would be interested in a press release about a novel and then query them before sending the packet.  They get tons of e-mails and there’s a chance they may not even be interested in your genre.  Don’t waste their time or your own.  A polite e-mail asking about sending a press release kit will go a lot farther.  Many reporters will delete e-mails with attachments that they have not been warned was coming.   A friendly e-mail handshake can really help you get further with them and start building a relationship.



Date: April 18, 2013

Contact: allan.krummenacker@gmail.com

Photos available upon request.


Parallel realities have been a staple of fiction for many years. In every case, the same rule applies: Some event in history is changed, thus creating an entirely new reality. A few examples of such tales are speculative works about President Kennedy surviving the assassination, Germany winning World War II, or Jimmy Stewart’s character in “It’s A Wonderful Life” getting to see what would have happened had he not been born. So how can a writer put a new spin on the old parallel reality concept? If you’re a brand new author named Allan Krummenacker, you go a bit further back in time – or rather, way back in time.

In his debut novel “The Bridge,” Krummenacker introduces readers to a whole new take on the parallel Earth idea by way of a unique paranormal mystery. A reluctant psychic finds himself summoned by the ghost of a teenage girl who vanished from an estate sixteen years ago. As the psychic and his girlfriend – a police officer – start investigating, they discover the specter was just the latest victim in a series of disappearances dating back 300 years. Before they’re finished, they learn that a threat lies hidden inside the old stone bridge located on the property. A terrifying otherworldly being is about to escape from the stony prison created by the early Paleo Indians.

“The Bridge was a fantastic story that completely sucked me in. The characters were great, with witty banter that had me cracking up. You will not be able to put this down!” Cristina Reiser, Goodreads.com

‘Exhilarating! The story kept me tense the whole way through,” Michael Drakich, author of “The Brotherhood of Piaxia.”


Allan Krummenacker lives in Marina, California with his wife Helen. He is currently
working on the sequel to “The Bridge,” scheduled for release this summer. For complete details, visitallankrummenacker.wix.com/allan-krummenacker.


Press Release 2

The Bridge Book Cover 2.75

“THE BRIDGE” is coming….

Just got the word today from Createspace, I have finally formatted the interior of the book, the cover art, the back cover, the spine, etc. to their specifications and it’s is now PRINTABLE!  I know there’s a lot of stuff I just mentioned that some of you may not be familiar with, but you can find out more about it in detail on my other blog:

“Musings Of A Creative Mind” at:  http://allankrummenacker.blogspot.com/

That blog is all about the process of writing.  Now I will be adding things to take into consideration while making your own e-books.

But here, I want to wax a little philosophically.   It hit me after I saw the e-mail saying the book was ready for my final review proof that a lot of my life experiences are coming together in this venture.  I’ve been an artist ever since I was in junior high school, and now those talents came into play in creating this book.

I’m also going to have to start marketing and getting my novel and myself known by going to Libraries, bookstores, contacting local radio stations, and newspapers as well to get the word out as well.  A lot of those same skills I used back in my days of being a Realtor/Mortgage Loan Officer.

But it doesn’t stop there.  I’m going to be considered self-employed by Uncle Sam and anything I make off this book the US Government and the IRS are going to want a piece of come next year.  So now I’ll be tracking all my expenses in relation to selling my book.  Now automatically, Createspace is going to keep 30% of whatever I make off each sale and set it aside for me for tax purposes next year.  But what about my ordering physical copies so I can mail signed copies to those who want ones like that?  What about going to conventions or giving talks?  Heck, even the gas I use going to the post office and back are expenses I need to keep track of in order to claim them on my tax return.  Again, I did all of that before when I was in real estate.

My years of being part of the sci-fi fan community is also coming into play.  I’m going to be offering myself as a speaker at those conventions and trying to sell some copies in person as well.  I have a large network of friends in that community and this book is going to be right up their alley too.  And I know a number of them will be only too willing to help me spread the word and find other venues to spread my work around.

In all it feels like so many aspects of my life are suddenly coming together in this writing venture, and it give me hope.  I can’t help wondering if somehow all I’ve done in the past has been leading up to this career.  And maybe I’m just full it and have just got a head full of  “WOW I’m being published…” and everything seems rosy and I need to take some glasses off.  Who knows?  Time will tell.  But as long as I’m ready to fight and work to make this pay off and spread the word, I’ll hope for the first part to be the truth.

Anyway, thanks for your time and I’ll be posting again soon.  Hopefully with news that the book is ready for sale.  In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of other work to do still.  Like setting up the Createspace store that automatically comes with signing up and publishing with them.  I’m planning on some other items besides having just the novel available.  Some T-shirts and mugs with quotes and images will be available there too.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping.  Stay tuned everyone and thanks for following me.  This journey is FAR from over, it’s only just beginning a new stage…

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